Fri, 31 Oct 2003

ZOG live on radio again
Playing a live to air on 3CR on November 1st 2003, just after 5pm sometime . should be good fun!

This is all part of the publicity push for the Republika show, more details to be announced on this site shortly.

Tue, 28 Oct 2003

ZOG EP2 released on the web (headspace hs01)
The premier release on new weblabel headspace is ZOG EP2 - 5 tracks of minimal jams that have already been available for download on this site for a while, but collated into an EP as a statement of direction for the new site.
Well the site is up, as of now no music, but at least there is a place to put it.

Mon, 20 Oct 2003

zog plays live at republika - november 7th
yet another live gig, helping clan analogue play a more bouncy doof gig at republika. Should be excellent fun. More details soon.

Fri, 17 Oct 2003

Zog Announce Mailing List
A new list has been set up at with admin page at Go to this link to get subscribed so to keep up with Zog happenings.

Mon, 13 Oct 2003

Freeform blog started.
Made a more freeform page here, for stuff that doesn't really fit on the main page.

This will be the only mention of it.

Thu, 02 Oct 2003

Clan Analogue SERIOUS club night
Clan Analogue have been running 'SERIOUS' - a weekly FREE Clan Analogue night Tuesday @ First Floor (MELB) 393 brunswick st Fitzroy

Has been a fun range of eclecticelectronic music of all dimensions. So far I have DJed there and got to test out a new live set. I will be DJing there soon as well.

ZOG plays live at revolver - October 9th
Launching the new Clan Analogue release DEFOCUS, ZOG continues a run of live performances after a several years of only DJing.

Revolver Upstairs
229 Chapel St Prahran
9PM til Late

with performances by: Dark Network, Two4k, FluffyT, Zog, Winduptoys and DJ Mit.

ZOG be playin at DEEP CHORD club on 4th October - playin LIVE!
They have a web site at but the details have not been updated there.
Deep Chord is at Pony Nightclub, Little Lonsdale St Melbourne