ZOG has been warming up the chill zone at Rainbow Serpent and numerous other parties with a lush mix of ambient, dub techno and minimal with repeat excursions from 2001 on-wards.

Starting off playing with Clan Analogue improvisers DoSE in the 90s, including a release on GreenAnt's Ambient CD, ZOG branched out to play a more minimal sound as a solo act and DJ, playing various clubs, warehouses and outdoor parties in and around Melbourne, including promoting the HEADSPACE series of warehouse parties.
Apart from selecting other artists material for DJ purposes, ZOG has done remixes for Little Nobody and released his own material in the techno and ambient styles.

More recently ZOG has been focusing on sound quality with a digital DJ rig, selecting the best dub techno, ambient and drone releases to project a warm enveloping audio comfort zone to dance or relax to.


ZOGAM is the moniker under which ZOG has released more ambient and drone oriented releases. From 2012 onwards ZOGAM has been a vehicle for experimenting with guitar and time stretch software to produce sounds outside of the techno genre, including soundscapes produced for Rainbow Serpent festival and the Clan Analogue Live in Drone Lockdown Stream



ZOG is often found playing on incredible MINIRIG SOUND SYSTEM 

This article was updated on July 24, 2020