ZOG Internet radio station

Here is a new ICECAST Internet radio station being trialed during the COVID-19 downtime.


I know this has got a lot of positive feedback, but for a while this service will be shut down as I have too much on my plate. This could very likely be started up again in future, if so I will note here.

Update: 4/4/2020 - experiments in broadcasting with lossless FLAC underway now today.. this results in much higher quality audio, but it loses the stream metadata (track playing info).

Update 6/4/2020 - now have the current track playing available on this page.

Update 17/4/2020 - Apple Mac users, the Safari browser does not support this hidef audio stream, to listen try the Google Chrome browser

ZOG RADIO Track Now Playing is:


Click play on the above web player to get instant access if it is broadcasting... it's still in test mode so may be just playing unnattended on Auto-DJ, but sometimes ZOG will be on the decks 

ZOG Pioneer DDJ SB2

 A direct links to the ICECAST stream here, for use with other music players: 

This is connected to the main DJ ZOG DJ rig using the MIXXX DJ software and some custom scripts hacked together to enable lossless FLAC broadcast.

This article was updated on December 13, 2023