ZOG Ambient DJ mixes 2015

higher quality flac versions

These are flac format download links.. so high quality audio, but might not auto play on your browser.


streaming html5 audio

Here are some experimental html5 audio in the browser links in opus format - if your browser is new enough you should see an embedded music player:
  • wednesday night drone ambient with timestretch craziness 20150902
  • zog mixes zogam - an entirely original ambient/drone mix of zogam releases
  • dj zog dubtech mix 2
  • dj zog drones and ambient saturday night mix 1

The above being posted due to recently joining the laptop DJ hordes with acquisition of a Numark Mixtrack Pro - although a basic unit it has excellent compatibility with Open Source DJ software MIXXX and very good sound quality.

This article was updated on March 30, 2020