ZOGAM track on Clan Analogue ambient/drone compilation

The new Clan Analogue Compilation release: Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space features a track from ZOG under the ZOGAM moniker.

Update: now released on November 6th 2020 direct purchase link below..

The expanse, the microcosm, consciousness, time…

Drones can represent those aspects of existence that seem too large or abstract to fully comprehend. Drone music gives a sense of both stasis and evolution, provides a space for contemplation, enables a moment of oneness with the universe.

Over the last year Clan Analogue’s artists have looked within to find renewed sonic purpose. The result is Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space: ten drone compositions blending noise and meditation in equal measure. 

Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space cover

This article was updated on November 6, 2020